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Independent, impartial investigation & mediation of inappropriate workplace behaviour.

The experience to investigate or mediate matters fully.

Nobody likes conflict, and when it happens in the workplace it can become personal, unpleasant, and have serious consequences for the people involved.

Most HR managers have limited time to investigate workplace complaints on top of their own workload, and other employees may not have the experience to investigate matters fully.

There can also be a perceived bias one way or another if matters are handled internally, however outsourcing complaints to an independent investigator can be an efficient, and cost effective option.






PWI conduct independent and impartial investigations when there are formal complaints of bullying, discrimination, fraud, or other inappropriate behaviours that breach the company code of conduct. We make findings based on facts, fairly, with natural justice and based on the balance of probabilities.

PWI carefully interview, gather evidence, review, draw conclusions and make findings and if instructed, make comments of any breach of the code of conduct and policies.

PWI will ensure confidentiality during the investigation, and keep you updated as the investigation progresses. We provide you with a report of the allegations, and our findings on each allegation in a clear and concise way, giving you confidence in any decision making.